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Various type of heat treatments its definition and objective

It is defined as an operation or combination of different operations involving heating and cooling of metal or an alloy in solid state for the purpose of obtaining certain required structures and desirable properties of a combination of properties suitable for the particular application.

Heat treatment is carried out to achieve one or more of the following objects:

  • To relieve the stresses set up in the material after hot or cold working in order to improve machine ability.
  • To improve mechanical properties like tensile strength, hardness, ductility, shock resistance etc.
  • To modify the structure of the material to improve its electrical and magnetic properties.
  • To increase the qualities of a metal to provide better resistance to heat, corrosion and wear.

Following heat treatment processes are mainly in use for achieving most of the objects of heat treatment:

  • Annealing
  • Spheroidising
  • Normalising
  • Hardening
  • Tempering
  • Case hardening or surface hardening
    • Carburising
    • Nitriding
    • Cyaniding
    • Induction hardening
    • Flame hardening

About Valve Guides Seat


We are one of the eminent valve guide manufacturers and suppliers in India, who manufacture and supply a wide range of valve guide. The valve guide offered by us is manufactured from optimum quality raw material, so as to ensure the quality & durability of the final product. We provide comprehensive range of quality engine valve guide, which can be used in different engines. We manufacture and supply a wide range of valve guides widely used for automobiles, tractors, industrial & diesel engines. We manufacture valve guide in various material depend on :-

  • Customer requirement
  • Type & Size of engine
  • Engine R.P.M. & effort of engine
  • Their application where usedMaterial of Valve Guide as we use :-
    • Copper zinc alloy
    • Phosphorous Bronze and leaded bronze
    • Manganese Bronze
    • Aluminium Bronze (North American UNS C95400, German CuAI10Fe, British AB1) for high temperature applications.
    • Gun Metal
    • Alloy Graded Cast Iron of 25 & 30 Grade. This Cast Iron is specially made for High Racing Engine.
    • Tin Bronze (North American UNS C90500, German CuSn10Zn, British G1) for piston airplane enginesCast Iron is a general term applied to a wide range of iron carbon alloys. Their carbon content is such as to cause some liquid of eutectic composition to solidify. The maximum carbon content is therefore about 2% while the practical maximum is about 4.3%Cast Iron should not be thought of as metal having single element. It should at least posses’ six elements. These are iron, carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus and sulphur.Some of the important mechanical properties
      • Brinell Hardness Number (b.h.n) = 150 to 225
      • It is a brittle material.
      • It cannot be beaten in sheets or rolled or forged. Hence it is not a malleable material

      Various types of Cast Iron are as follows:

      • Grey Cast Iron
      • White Cast Iron
      • Mottled Cast Iron
      • Malleable Cast Iron
      • Spheroidal Grey Iron (s.g.iron)
      • Inoculated Cast Iron
      • Alloy Cast Iron

      Addition of nickel to cast iron produces fine grains, helps formation of graphite and prevents formation of white hard iron nickel & copper ensure an austenitic structure. Chromium and silicon add resistance to scaling. The microstructure of iron is stabilized and formation of fine graphite is promoted by the addition of chromium. The matrix of cast iron is strengthened through promotion of the fine pearlite by the addition of molybdenum.

      Valves developed from CuZnAl-alloy & grey cast iron alloy with high phosphorous content to offer high wear resistance as well as improver the years working properties in poor lubrication conditions. The inner bore of these valve guides is finished to perfect size, not usually done by competitors.

      CuZnAl-alloy Guides are with excellent wear resistance and low coefficient of friction. Used for highest stressed guides. While developing these valve guides, we pay care full attention to the accurate dimensions, so that they could meet with the OEM standards.

      Our valve guide has hardness in range of 160 225 BHN. ValveGuide has microstructure of matrix pearlite with 5% free ferrite. We also provide thread or spiral in inner diameter of valve guide to retain oil for long time between valve and valve guide & increase life both. Our valve guide are grounded to a surface finish 0.80 micro ra value on its outer dia & maintain outer diameter within tolerance of 12 microns. Our valve guide has Super Finish Bore.


Lister CS JP Valve Spring Carrier Cotters


Set includes A pair of Lister Valve Cotters 010-03025 2 Pairs
Lister Valve Spring Carrier 010-03130 2 Numbers


Lister CS JP Valve Spring Set


Kindly note our offer contains :
1 Valve Spring, Inner P/N DEV 012-03219 & DEV 11-3-219
2 Valve Spring, Outer PN DEV  12-03129 and DEV 10-3-129


Lister CS JP Valve Stem Cap


Lister CS Valve Stem Cap Part No 010-03023

also JP 26 L-1-3 14.21 Equivalent to Lister P/N 010-00323

For 5-1, 6-1, 8-1, 10-2, 12-2, 16-2, JP2, JP3, JP4, JP616, JK2, JK3, JK4, JK6, JS3 and VA engines.


Lister CS VA JP JK JS Valve Guide


Complete Set of 2Pc includes Inlet Exhaust Valves Guides (1 Pc Plain 1 Pc Threaded)

Inlet & Exhaust valve guides to suit all Lister CS, VA, JP, JK and JS engine types.

Inlet valve guide equivalent to Part No. 8-1/C39 or 010-03039.

Generally we supply  OE/ Original type press fit, compatible with genuine Lister CS engines. (Extra Long)

If your not sure which one you need please ask first.
Please note that the VA (air cooled) & Listeroid engine has two guides the same, please Mention after purchase so that we can supply both Press Fit Type Guides for your engine.

Exhaust valve guides (Threaded) to suit all Lister CS, VA, JP, JK and JS engine types. Exhaust valve guide equivalent to Lister Petter part number 010-03083.


Lister CS Valve Guide Cotters Spring Cap Set


Complete Set of 14 Pc includes Inlet Exhaust Valves, Valve Guides (1 Pc Plain 1 Pc Threaded), Valve Cotters, Carriers, Valve Springs Pair Inner and outer and Valve Stem Cap


Lister HR HA HB HS HW HRW Valve Guide


Inlet and Exhaust Engine Valve Guide Pair is suitable for Lister HA HB HS HW HR HRW marine Diesel Engine.


Lister HR HRW HL Inlet Exhaust Valve


Suitable for Lister Marine Auxiliary, Marine Propulsion, Turbo, Direct injection, Carburated for HR, HRW and HL Air cooled and water cooled Engines with Standard Bore 4.25″ or 107.95 or 4 1/4


Lister HR HRW Inlet Exhaust Valve & Guide Set


Inlet and Exhaust Engine Valves Pair is suitable for Lister marine Diesel Engine.

A high quality replacement Valve Pair for Bukh DV 2 Cylinder and 3 Cylinder Engine.

Suitable for Lister Marine Auxiliary, Marine Propulsion, Turbo, Direct injection, Carburated for HRand HRW Air cooled and water cooled Engines with Standard Bore 4.25″ or 107.95 or 4 1/4


Lister J Inlet Exhaust Valve Pair


Dimensions of Valve
Length  6.65″ or 169mm Long
Head Dia of – 43.15 / 1.699″
Stem dia of 10.55 / 0.415″ and
Hole of about 4.40mm on stem from top

Avaibility: 5 in stock

Petter PH AV In Ex Valve Guide Cup Collet Set


We are pleased to offer OE Quality replacement Inlet & Exhaust Valve Fits all Petter PH & PHW Series engines.

Engine In-Ex Valve Pair is Suitable For Petter PH, PHW, AV and AVA Air cooled and Water Cooled Engines.

Widely used in Generator, Marine, Ditch Witch, Tower Light, construction machines, Pumping sets.


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