Kamat 11000 Big End Bearing 3050021  

Connecting rod Bearings or Plejlstangspander, sæt or Pleuellager, Satz or Big End Bearing Shells

Part No DEV 3050021  – 1 Pair

A high quality replacement Trimetal (Bimetal with overlay) Connecting Rod bearing Pair 2 Halves for K1000 K13000 & K13000 Triplex Pressure Pump.

Suitable for Kamat K1000 K11000 K13000 Series following pump models
K 10000 3G K10014, K10016, K10018, K10020, K10022, K10024, K10026, K10028, K10030, K10032, K10036, K10040, K10045, K10050, K10055, K10060, K10065
K 11000 – K11014, K11016, K11018, K11020, K11022, K11024, K11026, K11028, K11030, K11032, K11036, K11040, K11045, K11050, K11055, K11060, K11065
K 13000 3G – K13014, K13016, K13018, K13020, K13022, K13024, K13026, K13028, K13030, K13032, K13036, K13040, K13045, K13050, K13055, K13060, K13065



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Kamat 11000 Big End Bearing Shells Part No DEV 3050021 a Pair.

Also suitable for Kamat UT Giant 10000, 11000 and 13000 Series Triplex high-pressure pumps.

A Complete Set for 1 Pump 3 Pairs or 6 pieces of Big End Bearings will be required.


Bearings are suitable for Triplex high-pressure pumps are used for jetting or hydraulic applications in various Industry Verticals - Cement Industry, Steel Industry, Food Industry, Fertilizer Industry, Sugar Industry, Marine Industry, Paper Industry, Edible Oil Industry, Chemical Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Power Plant Industry, Construction Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and Water & Waste Water Industry.
Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 cm

Standard, 0.50 MM U/s, 1.00 MM U/s

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