Kubota V1505 D1005 D1105 Big End Bearing

Kubota V1505 D1005 D1105 Big End Bearing
We can also supply Dev 16241-2231

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Kubota V1505 D1005 D1105 Big End Bearing.

We offer new set of big end (connecting rod) bearing shells for the Kubota type of diesel engine. Kubota High quality CL Bimetal (Copper Lead  Alloy) big end bearing in export worthy packaging.

Kubota V1505 D1005 D1105 Connecting Rod Bearing Pt No Dev 16241-22310

These are Std. bearings for 40 mm Shaft Dia.

These Bearings are used in following Engines and Models Kubota Engine or Tractor Models - V1505-E4B, D1105-E4B, D1105-E4B, V1305-E4B, D1305, D905, B1700, B1710, B2100, B2110, B2400, B2410, B2710 L1-26, L1-28, L1-285, L1-265, L1-295, L1-315, Z650, Z850, Z750, D1100, D1101, D1102, V1500, V1501, V1502, Z851, D1402, D1302, DH1101, D1301, V1702, V1902
Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm

Standard, 0.25MM U/s, 0.50MM U/s, 0.75MM U/s, 1.00 U/s

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