Lister HR HRW HL Inlet Exhaust Valve

Suitable for Lister Marine Auxiliary, Marine Propulsion, Turbo, Direct injection, Carburated for HR, HRW and HL Air cooled and water cooled Engines with Standard Bore 4.25″ or 107.95 or 4 1/4

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A high quality replacement Valve Pair for Lister HR HRW HL Engines.

Inlet and Exhaust Engine Valves Pair is suitable for Lister marine Diesel Engine.

Lister  HR/S, HRW/S, HL/T  Inlet Valve Part No 351-50420  and Exhaust Valve P/n 351-50432

Suitable for Lister HL3, HL4, HL6, HLT6, HL3M Marine Auxiliary, HL4M Marine Auxiliary, HL6M Marine Auxiliary, HLT6M Marine Auxiliary, HL4MGR Marine Propulsion, HL6MGR Marine Propulsion, HR2, HR3, HR4, HR6, HR2G, HR3G, HR2M Marine Auxiliary, HR3M Marine Auxiliary, HR4M Marine Auxiliary, HR6M Marine Auxiliary, HR2MGR Marine Propulsion, HR3MGR Marine Propulsion, HR4MGR Marine Propulsion, HR6M Marine Propulsion, HRS6, HRS6MGR Marine Propulsion, HRS6MGR Marine Auxiliary, HRW2, HRW3, HRW4, HRW6, HRW2M Marine Auxiliary, HRW3M Marine Auxiliary, HRW4M Marine Auxiliary, HRW6M Marine Auxiliary, HRW2MGR Marine Propulsion, HRW3MGR Marine Propulsion, HRW4MGR Marine Propulsion, HRW6MGR Marine Propulsion, HRWS6, HRWS6M Marine Auxiliary, HRWS6MGR Marine Propulsion  
Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 cm

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