About DU Type Self Lubricating PAP Bush

DU Type Bush, Bearings, Washers etc applications is suitable for:

• Rotating • Oscillating • Reciprocating & • sliding movements mainly for

Automotive: Tractors, Combines, Crop Sprayers, Earth-Movers, Graders And Other Construction, Auto Machines, Specific Uses In Power Steering Cylinders, Steering Gear Thrust Washers, Disc Brakes, Calipers And Pistons, Shock Absorbers, Governor Linkage, Windshield Wiper Motor, Tilt Gear Assemblies, struts, shock absorbers guide bushing, hydraulic cylinders, gear pumps and motors and axial and radial piston pumps and motors. It is designed for use mainly under lubricated lubrications and shows excellent wear resistance, low static and dynamic friction coefficient.

Business Machines: Photocopy Machines, Typewriters, Mail Sorters, Postage Meter Systems, Computer Terminal Printers And Peripheral Equipment, Automatic Printing Devices, Mail Processing Machinery…

Hydraulics And Valves: Pumps Including Gear, Rotary, Water, Axial Piston, And Other Types, Ball, Butterfly, Poppet Steam, And Other Valves And Valve Trunnions, various kinds of medium, high-pressure gear pump, ram pump, vane pumps plunger pumps

Home Appliances: Tape Recorders, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Cleaners, Polishers, Sewing Machines, Ovens, Dishwashers, Clothes Washing Machines…

And Materials Handling, Marine Engine, Packaging, Textile Equipment, Tools…

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Product Description

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DU and DUB Type Dry PAP Bush & Bearings (Oil Free) take advantage of the outstanding dry bearing properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and combines them with strength, stability and good wear resistance, excellent heat conductivity and low thermal expansion. All our Bushings are sold under our “Dev Engine Spares” Brand

DU Type Bushings consists of three bonded layers:

A steel backing strip and a porous bronze matrix, impregnated and overlaid with the PTFE/ lead bearing material.

  • PTFE : 0.01~0.03mm
  • Porous bronze : 0.2~0.3 mm
  • Steel / Bronze backing : 0.7~2.3 mm
  • Tin-plating : 0.005 mm or copper plating : 0.008mm.

DU type PAP Bushing Product Catalog

DU type PAP Bushing Product Catalog   Non-standard components are not available from stock. These products are manufactured to customers' requirements with or without our recommendations, and include for example :
  • Modified Standard Components - Flange & Plain Bushings, flange & Thrust washers)
  • Half Bearings
  • Flat Components
  • Deep Drawn Parts
  • Pressing

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