SABB J Liner Rubber Ring

A high OE quality Cylinder Liner Rubber O-Ring for Sabb Marine Diesel Engine suitable for SABB G and 2G ENGINE.

A Set consists of 3 piece of rubber ring.

A 1 Cylinder Engine Will Need 1 Set and a 2 Cylinder Engine Will Need 2 Sets to make the set.

This O-Ring are Custom made as per OE Standard and design o withstand Temperature up to 125 Degree Celsius

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Product Description

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SABB J Liner Rubber Ring Set Part No  DEV 821.012 for 100mm Bore diesel Engine.

Fits Cylinder Liner P/N DEV 2J21N-000400 for SABB J & 2J Engines.

Suitable for SABB 2J 2JZ 2JRG 2JGR 2JHR 2JHVP-15 OG 2JRK Marine Diesel engine with standard bore of 100mm.

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 cm

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