Bukh DV20 DV24 DV29 DV32 Main Bearings liners Set

A high quality replacement Bimetal bearings for Bukh DV20, DV24, DV29 and DV32 2 CYL MARINE DIESEL ENGINE.

Also Suitable for Single Cylinder DV10 Engines.

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Main Bearings liners Set for 2 Cylinder Engine

ITEM Ref. Part Number Ref. Pt No. Set Of
Main Bearing Intermediate 00D9261 39261 1 Pairs (2 Pc)
Main Bearing Rear Bush 00D0454 40454 1 No
Main Bearing  Front Bush 00D0453 40453 1 No


Bore x stroke  3.35″ x 3.35 in (85 x 85 mm)

ITEM ITEM Ref. Pt No. Ref. Part Number
Mellemlejepander sæt Zwischenlagerpfannen, Satz 39261 00D9261
Bagerste hovedlejerforing Hintere Hauptlager , laufbuchse 40454 00D0454
forreste hovedlejerforing, hovedlager vordere Hauptlager laufbuchse, Hauptlager 40453 00D0453
Besides Main Bearings Set We can also supply following Parts : Connecting rod bearing shells, - 40563 / 000E0563 (Standard / Under Size) DV20, DV24, DV29, DV32, DV36 and DV48 Big End Bearings / Plejlstangspander, sæt / Pleuellager, Satz Main bearing liner - 000E 4765 / 000E4765 (Standard / Under Size) DV36 and DV48 Hovedlejeforing, standard Hauptlager, Laufbuchse
Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 cm

Standard, 0.60MM U/s, 0.25MM U/s, 0.50MM U/s, 1.00MM U/S

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